Robert Hakim

CEO / Founder, Interview & Hire

Livelihood Is Good.

As the founder of Interview And Hire, I've placed a variety of candidates in many different companies and industry types for over 20 years. I have a very deep understanding of the job market and its intricacies. The simple truth is, that most people long to work and to provide for themselves and their families. I often wondered why it seems unhealthy to be unemployed. I quickly discovered that regardless of age, race, gender, or economic status, for the most part, people feel rewarded and have a sense of accomplishment when they have a job, not to mention earning a living.

Job Market.

While working in Human Resources as a recruiter in New York City, I’ve seen many different economic changes. Some years the applicant can get any job, any time, and request the highest pay possible. We call that an “Employee’s Market.” In that scenario the employer is forced to pay a much higher wage and sometimes does not hire anyone, leaving the position unfilled. On the contrary, in the past 7 to 10 years, it has been an “Employer’s Market,” where the employer calls the shots. Since most people need to work, in an employer’s market, the job seeker would accept less of a salary than they would normally have earned in an earlier year, since the alternative would be for them to be unemployed. In that scenario sometimes a person loses hope in finding a job and stays unemployed. I believe that it is unhealthy for a person not to be working, and an employer not to be hiring, if there are capable people to work and jobs to fill. Therefore I’ve created the tools necessary for both employers and job seekers to benefit in the hiring process on-site or off-site, nationwide. Both employers and job seekers deserve to pay and receive a fair wage, regardless of economic changes. Furthermore, people with disabilities who have often been taken advantage of by not receiving equal pay should be able to collect a fair wage by using the tools we’ve created to get hired. Informed employers as well will use these tools to hire qualified disabled or challenged personnel at a fair wage, regardless of job seeker’s disabilities.

Helping You Find A Job.

Being in the Human Resources Industry, I truly understand the dynamics of the job market and I can better assist you in finding a job. My Chief Strategist Joseph Hakim and I created the tools giving you a better chance to be interviewed and ultimately hired. With my vast knowledge of placing many different types of employees in diverse industries, I’ve noticed that the human interaction between the employer and the Jobseeker played a major role, as to the result of the interview. One of the criteria for being a successful placement counselor is to have excellent relationship skills, both with interviewing a potential employee and understanding the employer's needs in order to make the match. Furthermore, the more information gathered by both parties, the better the chance for optimal success resulting in an offer made, and accepted. Most notably, the simple fact is that without an interview, you will not get hired. It might seem obvious that you need to be interviewed, but the process of looking for a job should always result in getting interviewed. Regardless of the job seekers perception of the perfect scenario for a job position, don’t allow distractions such as your perceived salary or title to prevent you from being interviewed. Interviews are paramount, since there are different scenarios that can only benefit you, and most probably the results will turn out positive when you make an effort and showcase yourself. This reminded me of a quote growing up that said: "80 percent of success is just showing up" —Woody Allen